We had one day at home before we had to be back at the hospital for a 5-7 day stay. Through the whole night that we found out I didn’t get any sleep, I cried all night. The next day I got up and was super sad for a few hours and then just felt more numb for a few hours. I was trying to get everything ready for Rick’s parents to be at our house with the other kids, but all I wanted to do was fun things with the kids and not face reality. We decided to do just that and took them to lunch. That helped me a ton and I was able to clear my head.

Despite it being an extremely difficult and devastating situation, Rick and I were able to find a lot of blessings that had been poured upon us. Most were blessings that we didn’t even know were blessings leading up to her diagnosis. I wanted to list them here so that I can reflect back on what we have been blessed with when times are hard.

-We received the news the next day that her subtype of Leukemia is ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). This is the most common and most curable type with a 90% success rate. This is a huge blessing.

-When they did her lumbar puncture the day she was admitted to the hospital, they found that there were no leukemia cells in her spinal fluid

-We are very blessed that I took the twins in for their well checks right at their birthdays and that they got a finger prick at that appointment, otherwise we would not have caught it

-We are very blessed that they found that she had Celiac Disease BEFORE they found the cancer, otherwise they probably would never have found that and her body would not have been healthy and absorbing nutrients during the cancer treatments

-In January, Rick made the decision to leave his job and start his own business contracting for clients. It was a leap of faith to leave a stable income and move to finding his own clients and maintaining steady work, but we felt really good about it.  Immediately he had plenty of work and even some that he was turning down. This made his hours very flexible and he is able to work whatever hours he wants, as long as he gets the work done. This is perfect for our current situation as we will be needing two of us a lot during certain hours of the day to take care of Liv and the other kids.

-When we were choosing our personal health insurance plan when Rick left his job, we were weighing the pros and cons of certain plans.  We had decided we were going to do a certain plan that was a lot less in premiums but didn’t cover as much. We didn’t think we would have much in medical bills this year because I wasn’t having a baby and everyone was healthy. On the day we needed to submit our plan we decided to switch to one that was high premium, but covered a lot more. At the time we didn’t really know why we chose that plan, but now we do.

-When I was preparing for my cruise I got very organized, I basically typed up a whole manual on how to care for my kids 🙂 I’m so grateful that I was able to do that before I left and that it was all ready to go when we found out that Liv had leukemia, because I wouldn’t have been able to focus enough to get that ready in one day with the emotional state that I was in.

-I was blessed to be able to get away and relax for 9 days before all of this happened. I was very well rested, which I think is essential coming into this very taxing and exhausting situation

-My parents have been living 45 minutes from us. They were moving within 15 minutes of us the very week that we would be in the hospital. This will be a huge blessing to have my mom so close to me and able to help out on the days that I take Liv in to clinic for chemo each week.

-Rick’s parents are school teachers and obviously work all day during the week. They had decided to take a week trip to California and got all prepared for their substitutes. They were going to leave the morning after Liv was diagnosed and cancelled plans immediately when they heard so that they could take care of our other kids while Rick and I stayed in the hospital with Livvi. This was also huge because my parents had to be out of their house while we were in the hospital so it would have been extremely hard to have my kids full time and pack their house up.

-Stade is the most amazing baby and has handled the back and forth from nursing and bottles perfectly

Reflecting on all of our blessings has helped us process this. We have also had an overwhelming outpouring of love and support through prayers, facebook, instagram, texting, messaging and mail. We feel your love and faith and are uplifted by it. We are so grateful for you all. Thank you!



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