The day after we found out Liv had cancer, Daci started asking a lot of questions. The doctors told us to be open and frank with her, but in an age appropriate way that wouldn’t freak her out. I just told her that the doctors found out what was wrong in Livvi’s body, that its called cancer, and they are going to try hard to fix it. I also explained that the medicines they have to use on Liv to help her get better would also have some bad side effects. That she would be in pain, or sick to her stomach, or her she might be grumpy, and her hair will fall out. Daci asked how long Liv would be sick and I told her that she would be doing treatments for about 2 1/2 years. She looked a little confused by this so I told her that Liv would be about 6 1/2 years old when she was all better. This clicked for her and it was heartbreaking to see her eyes well up with tears. “But mom, that is so long!” She felt so bad for her 😦

We had to leave early Thursday morning for the hospital. My mother in law came to be with our other kids so that Rick and I could be with Liv. Right before we left Daci came running down the stairs.  She was so worried that we were leaving without letting her say goodbye to Livvi. She hugged Liv so tight and got tears in her eyes and said,”We need to take a picture.” Street ran down at that moment as well and they all hugged each other and I got a sweet little bed head, puffy eyed picture.

We loaded in the car and were pulling out when I remembered I left something in the house. I ran back in and I saw Daci crying in the family room. Street had a worried look on his face and little tears in his eyes and he ran to me and said, “Daci needs a hug!” It nearly broke my heart. I gave them one last squeeze and then we headed to Primary Children’s.

They prepped Liv for her surgery, lumbar puncture, and another bone marrow aspiration and biopsy. They would be placing her port/central line that day and also doing the LP to check to see if there were any leukemia cells in her cerebrospinal fluid.

Liv was really shy when we talked to any nurses or doctors but there was one nurse that she immediately took a liking to. This nurse played with her and talked with her about what they would be doing for the procedure. When it was time to go into the operating room, Liv just waved “bye” to us and went with the sweet nurse like it was no big deal. I felt that it was a huge blessing that she liked that nurse so she didn’t have to go into the OR kicking and screaming and scared.

Liv with the nurse that she loved
Liv was so proud that she knew how to do the IV and sleep mask on Honey. This kind of broke my heart that she knew what all of that was at just four years old 😦

They told us the operation would be about an hour. After she left we went to get some lunch in the cafeteria and then back to the waiting room to wait for Liv. The wait was torture! It ended up being 2 and a half hours before they finally came to get us and tell us that Liv was starting to wake up. Luckily everything went wonderfully with the port placement and lumbar puncture. There was no leukemia found in the CSF! Her bone marrow was once again very difficult to get out and she was poked multiple times again 😦

Coming out of anesthesia
Just moved to her room

Once Liv was awake, they transferred us to her room where she would be for the next few days.


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