The Plan

A few people have asked what the “plan” is for Liv. The first step was to figure out what subtype of Leukemia she had. Once they figured that out it was easy to tell us what treatment would be like, because it is pretty much the exact same for everyone that has that subtype.

She has Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Of all the types, this is probably the “best” one to have. The average amount of time that treatment lasts for girls with Pre B ALL is two years and three months.

The first month is called Induction and it consists of steroids twice a day, 4 lumbar punctures with intrathecal chemo into her spine, 5 intravenous administrations of vincristine chemo, and one administration of PEG chemo. She goes to clinic every Thursday for her vincristine. This lasts for 28 days, and she should be in “remission” by the end of this period. Meaning, there should be no leukemia cells present in her body.

After Induction, the next 8 months is called Maintenance. I don’t know a whole lot about what will happen in this phase, because they try not to overwhelm you with information and just take it one step at a time. I do know that she will still go to clinic every Thursday for chemo, and will be on a lot of other medications.

After that she goes into clinic for chemo once a month until the 2 years and 3 months are up.

After the first 9 months, she is pretty much ok to do regular kid things. Its the first 9 months that we have to be extra careful with germs. We have to avoid places with lots of people in small spaces.

I am so grateful that she doesn’t have to be inpatient very often. The only time she has to stay over in the hospital was that first week, and then if she ever gets a fever or has low numbers.


3 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. It’s amazing that there’s such a high “cure” rate with this type of cancer! That must give you a lot of hope. Yet still such a long road thinking of your next two plus years. Since she’ll continue the chemo the whole time, will you still have to be careful about her bodily fluids and waste and wear gloves and stuff?


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