Oh these blasted steroids! Haha. Steroids are awesome for the cancer, but the side effects are kind of horrible. Crazy mood swings, feeling like you are constantly starving, weight gain (not just from eating so much, but from the water retention that the steroids cause) and insomnia, to name a few.

Luckily her mood hasn’t changed much from what it has been over the last couple of months, just really whiny. The only time she gets crazy whiny is when she is starving….which is kind of all the time now. Haha. I hear they can get mean and angry, but for right now all we are seeing is whiny and sad, on occasion.

Poor Liv is like a ravenous wolf on these steroids! She went from not eating hardly anything for 8 days, to eating everything in sight for the last 4. The doctors say that the steroids really do make them feel so hungry, like true hunger pains, and that we should let her eat whenever she wants to. We just have to try hard to feed her healthy things that have substance to them. It is important to feed her things that will make her feel full. So offer carrots but with dip, or fruit with dip, or peanut butter, or cheese. Right now she is craving cheese like you wouldn’t believe. Literally she asks for cheese every 15 minutes! The problem is that Liv has had chronic constipation and bowel problems for about a year and half now. On top of the constipation she already has, the chemo she is on right now causes constipation. She is on high doses of Miralax each day because it is dangerous for her to get constipated. If she is constipated, it makes for a high risk of infection in her body. Great!! So the only thing she wants all day long is cheese, and cheese is constipating. AHHHH! So far, she has already gained 3.5 lbs. It will be crazy to see how much she weighs at the end of this 28 day cycle.

Eating, eating, eating! These three scrambled eggs were just 30 minutes after she had already had a big lunch. Daci said, “Mom, how many breakfasts and lunches has Liv had today!?”

We have thought we were so lucky that she has been sleeping so well, she sleeps from 7pm-7am every night and usually falls asleep on the couch for a little while each day as well. Her body needs the sleep, she is tired all the time. We were thinking that we were so blessed that she was sleeping so well. Unfortunately, last night she had major insomnia. She woke up at 2am and came in and asked me if she could go down and watch a show. She was WIDE awake. I told her it was still night time and that she needed to go back to bed. She obediently went back, but 30 mins later was in my room again, asking to get up and telling me she was hungry. I got her a little snack and then put her back to bed. 30 minutes later she was back in my room again, still wide awake. So, I let her lay on the couch and watch a show, hoping that she would fall asleep while we she was watching. No such luck. Every 30 minutes she was back in my room asking for more food. From 2:30am-8am she had a string cheese, two bowls of cereal, 4 scrambled eggs with ketchup, a piece of toast with jelly, and three cups of milk! She was still begging for more, but I finally said no. So then she cried and cried and wailed and wailed forever. After 30 minutes of that, I let her pick something else. Of course all she wanted was cheese. She says, “Mommy, cheese is the only thing that makes my hungry tummy feel better.” And then that goes and breaks my heart even more. Ugh!

For all of you who are wondering what specifically to pray for….I would say sleep! For me, and Liv 😉 If we have to do every night like that, I might lose my mind. Haha!


3 thoughts on “Steroids

  1. I’m so sorry Livi has to go through this. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. As a parent it has to be heartbreaking to see this for your baby. You are enlightening me about steroids. My husband has copd and is a diabetic. He is on steroids and insulin He just got out of the hospital today and I have to say his mood swings are unbearable and just plain nasty. Thank you for helping me understand what he is going through. I had no idea! God does have a plan for all of us. You are teaching many already. I’ll continue to pray for your family. I know prayers work.. Stay Livstrong!


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