The night we got home from our day with the cousins, Liv immediately fell asleep on the couch. It was 5:30pm and I debated on if I should wake her up because she normally goes to bed at 7pm and her sleep patterns have been so messed up. I ended up deciding to let her sleep because she had had a rough day and was so tired.

Fast asleep, with Ketchup all over her face 🙂

At 8pm I finally woke her up to move her to her bed. She needed to change into her pull-ups so I had to wake her up, otherwise I would have tried to just carry her to her bed and keep her asleep. It was then that I realized maybe letting her take a nap was a bad idea. She was instantly super hungry and wanting food. I got her a sandwich and then put her straight back to bed. She was moaning and crying in her bed, I let her come lay with me. She wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. (This has been VERY typical of her behavior on steroids. She moans and cries for 30 mins to an hour at a time, but won’t use her words to tell me what she needs.) She laid in my bed with us until about 10:15pm, and then she started screaming in pain. She finally told us that her hips were hurting her.  It was obvious that the pain was very intense. She was screaming and writhing around. She kept trying to move positions to find one that wouldn’t hurt as bad. I went downstairs to call the on call doctor at Primary Children’s while Rick laid in bed with her and tried to make her feel more comfortable. I was downstairs in the office on the phone with the doctor and she could hear Liv’s screams through the phone. She told me that it was probably muscle pains, due to side effects from the steroids, and to give her some Oxycodon. We gave her the medicine and said a prayer together and within about 10 minutes the intense pain had subsided. I put her to bed and she slept 5 hours straight, something she hasn’t done in over 2 weeks.

The next morning she came in crying about her ear hurting. About 30 minutes later she was now screaming about her ear hurting. The day before she had said to me twice, “Mom, it feels like there’s a hair in my ear.” I gave her tylenol and decided to call Primary Children’s to see if they wanted me to take her into her pediatrician to see if it was maybe an ear infection. After 30 minutes of being on tylenol, she was still screaming, so I gave her more Oxy. The doctors at Primary Children’s called me back and said they definitely wanted her to be seen by my pediatrician and if they couldn’t see me today, then we needed to come up to Primary Children’s. I definitely didn’t want to do that! Luckily, my doctor’s office is fabulous about getting you in same day for a sick visit.

I was nervous to take Liv into my ped’s office, just because there’s much more germs there. When we got out of the van, I put a mask on her. She asked, “Mom, do all kids have to wear masks here?” Sting! My heart hurt as I told her that no, not everyone did. We opened the doors to the office and immediately the nursing staff and the receptionist greeted Liv with big smiles and warm hello’s. They told her they had a special room all ready for her, and took us straight back.  They had sanitized it so well that I was almost choking on the chemicals 🙂 I was so so grateful in that moment that they cared so much about Livvi and didn’t want to risk getting her sick. They flooded us with kind words and sympathy and told us how sad they were that this had happened to her. I was so grateful that they love and care about her so much. My doctor checked her ears and sure enough, she had an infection in one of them. Luckily, she didn’t have a fever (my kids NEVER get fevers with ear infections…weird), so she didn’t have to go be admitted at Primary Children’s. Hallelujah! They sent her home with antibiotics (yet ANOTHER medication) and she has been feeling much better since 🙂

She laid on the couch a lot that day. That kitty is named “Honey”, and has been by her side since she was 18 months old. I’m so grateful for Honey and that she feels so much comfort when she is snuggling her. She has been a constant companion through all of this.

2 thoughts on “Hurdles

  1. Hi Kori! I tried to leave a comment a week or so ago, but it didn’t save for some reason. Anyway, your littlest bro was my mentor while he was on mission in sweet – as Australia. I love following along with your little family’s adventures, especially after Dawson (Pronounced “Door-son” in Aus 😉 ) and I figured out I’m only a week older than you! I am faithfully praying for sweet little Livvi often. I have her name on my prayer list in my planner. I feel for you as an almost 30 year old mama with kids and a husband. Your heart must be so full, yet so heavy. You are handling this hurdle thrown your way with such grace and humility. I admire you SO much. Hang in there, and big hugs, from one mum to another xxx


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