Interim Maintenance Days 1-11

The last 11 days have been great! Liv never got nauseous after her first dose of the new chemo and her taste buds have actually slowly been coming back to normal now that she is off the 6MP chemo pill that she took in Consolidation.

Her personality was pretty much normal and she had lots of smiles and laughs 🙂 She does still like to throw a gigantic tantrum whenever I leave the house, but the second I’m gone she is totally back to normal for whoever is watching her….little stinker 🙂

We didn’t do a whole lot the last few days, I knew her counts could be dropping so I wanted to be sure we weren’t too risky. We went to see Daci run her school 5K and she enjoyed getting out to do that. We also had a dentist appt. The last time we went to the dentist she loved it, so I didn’t anticipate any problems. However, I think she has been traumatized by all of the doctors visits, and it didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped 😦 She did great for the X-rays, but as soon as she had to lay back in the chair she kinda flipped. She started crying and wanted nothing to do with them cleaning her teeth. They were great, and just let her sit up and brush with a regular brush and water and the dentist just peeked in her mouth.

Over the weekend she got to have a sleepover at her Yia Yia’s house with Daci and her cousin. She loved it!

Randomly she woke up one morning with a big black eye. We have NO idea how it happened and it kind of freaked me out that maybe her platelets were low and she was bruising easily. I called the nurse and she said she would be surprised if they had gone from how high they were, to that low, after just one dose of the chemo. So, we still have no clue how it happened. Haha.

We made some returns at the Outlets. Stade and Liv did NOT like how long it was taking at H&M. Ha!
Giving the Armadillo a high five at the school 5K
Enjoying a nice cold otter pop!
So great for the X-rays at the dentist 
She started crying as soon as the dental assistant came in and that was it for the appointment 🙂
Black eye????

Her nurse was set to come do labs yesterday (Thursday) and Liv was so brave! I was really proud of her. She really hates to get accessed, I don’t blame her, but she was tough and only whimpered and cried out for a second. We got the call later that afternoon with her counts:

ANC: 2000 (Day 1 was 3200)

WBC: 3.7 (Day 1 was 5)

Hct: 30.4 (about the same)

Hemoglobin: 10.1 (about the same)

Platelets: 426,000 (they actually went up a little bit)

The ANC is what they are watching for this round. If it falls below 500, she can’t receive her chemo. Even though 2000 is lower than it was on Day 1, they were still happy with that number. They said it was really good for where she is at right now.

Mask on for port access, she was nervous 😦
Street sat by us while we were waiting for the nurse to be ready
She did it and was so tough!
She has wanted a green smoothie every day, and also loves fruit and yogurt right now

Today for clinic she was great! It was the first time that she didn’t have to sit on my lap for everything. Yay! I start to get really claustrophobic with her hanging all over my for those few hours that we are there, so it was a nice and pleasant break to have her sit in the chair all by herself 🙂 She smiled a little more, and answered the nurses a little more as well 🙂 Good job, sweet Liv! They increased the chemo dose this week, they will every time, as long as she is handling it well. We continue to pray that she will do well on this round, that she won’t get nauseous or have too much pain, and that her counts don’t drop too low. Thank you for all your love and support!

Smiles walking in


Vitals check…with a smile!
Drawing labs….notice how she is sitting all by herself! Yay!
Playing Memory while we wait for the doctor. We love that daddy comes with us each time and can work while we wait.
She loves to play this game at the hospital
She picked a snack out of the fridge…her love for cheese has come back the last three days
Watching a show while she gets her chemo in her port….also sitting by her self! 

One thought on “Interim Maintenance Days 1-11

  1. Oh my heart!!!! I love, love, love the smiles!!!! Prayers upholding you all that Livvie will continue to do well with her medication!!!! So proud of her for sitting by herself!!! What a big girl!!!


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