Chick Fil A Fundraiser!

My brother in law, Sam, approached us a few weeks ago and said he is working on service hours for his Med school application and wondered if he could put a service project together for Liv. We told him “of course!”, and he started putting together a Spirit Night at Chick Fil A. Anyone can do a Spirit Night at Chick Fil A, you just have to contact the local restaurant and talk with the manager. They will donate 20% of vouchered revenue during the allotted time toward the cause. Sam set ours up for Wednesday, June 8th from 5-8pm.  

We spread the word through social media and my awesome ward helped distribute vouchers and made announcements during church and during auxiliary meetings. 

Liv’s counts had slowly been dropping and I was so nervous she wouldn’t be well enough to attend her Spirit Night. Two days before the event her ANC was 600. That’s definitely not great and anything under 500, she really shouldn’t be around anyone, let alone a ton of people. She had her appointment the next morning and I talked to her doctor about the event. She told me that I should definitely let her go, that that was a big deal and that Liv should get to be there. She said if she winds up with a fever, then it probably just means she was going to get one anyway. Haha. 

We got to Chick Fil A right at 5pm and when we walked in we already saw multiple families that were there for her! Actually the first family we saw was a close family friend who was also recently diagnosed with cancer, and I totally didn’t expect for them to be there. I immediately welled up with tears and I don’t think that feeling left the whole night!

We were completely overwhelmed with the love and support. So many people came! The line inside was all the way across the building and stayed that way for the first two hours straight. The drive thru line was crazy long the whole night long as well. We had so many people from our ward come, close friends, family, and people we hadn’t seen in years. I’m telling you, I was completely shocked and so grateful! Sam sat at a table with a donation jar and a sign explaining what the cause was. We had complete and total stranger put large amounts of money in. We were all loved by everyone’s generosity. 

In the beginning Liv was really cranky and emotional. She had fallen asleep on the drive over and was exhausted. All she wanted to do was sit on my lap and would get mad if I tried to get up and go talk to people. I really wanted to talk to everyone and show our gratitude, but Liv was making it difficult! People would come over to say hi and she would scowl and pull away, it was kind of embarrassing for me as her mother. Haha. 

About thirty minutes into the night, however, Liv’s two aunts got her into a corner booth and played games with her and did silly selfies for hours on end to keep her happy. This made it so much easier for me to mingle and thank people. They were lifesavers!

It was a fantastic night! Liv had so much fun and could definitely feel the love. When we left the restaurant Liv said, “Mom! That was so much fun! It was all for me!” 🙂

When we got home and counted the money in the donation jar, we were again completely overwhelmed. I cried at the generosity of all our friends, family, and strangers. 

In the donation jar we had made $1650!!

The next morning Sam called me with the amount that we had raised from Chick Fil A. We honestly weren’t expecting more than $300 going into the night. Once we saw how many people were there for us, we thought maybe $500. We were shocked when Sam told us we had made $805 from vouchered revenue! The marketing director from the American Fork Chick Fil A told us it was the single largest (in both supporters, and money earned) Spirit Night done at that location!

drive thru friends sent us pics to show they were there!

Liv’s aunts trying to keep Liv happy and entertained!

This cute little guy was diagnosed with the same thing as Liv, just two weeks before her. They came to support us!


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