Two Week Break!

Over the last two weeks Liv hasn’t had to have any chemo or take any medication, except for her Miralax that she takes everyday. We have had a low key last few weeks because her counts are low. Last week Daci, Stade, and I got sick with Strep Throat. We really didn’t want Liv to get sick and our families rallied around us and took the twins for a few days to keep them away from us while we were still contagious. It worked! Liv and Street never got sick. Wahoo!

Street and Liv decorated their playhouse outside with weeds hanging from the ceiling. They were so proud of their “decorations” 🙂
Street and Liv decided to try and trick us again and dressed up in the others’ clothes. Silly kids!
We went out to visit Great Grandpa Pedersen and the kids picked their pumpkins out of his pumpkin patch
Liv loved staying at her cousin house for two days while the rest of us were sick
She also had fun at grandma’s house with Street. They love to do art there!

Street started preschool this week but Liv’s counts weren’t high enough to start yet. Street has been bringing her work home for her and she has enjoyed doing it at home with me 🙂


Last week Liv had her blood drawn to check her counts and everything looked great. Her ANC was at 700 and she needed to be at 750 in a week in order to start her next round. Unfortunately we just got her counts back from her blood draw this morning and she was down to 500. So, we can’t start her next round tomorrow 😦 We are delayed a week and hopefully her counts come up over 750 by next Tuesday.

I was really surprised that she didn’t make counts. She was at 700 last week and she didn’t get any chemo to make them drop this week. My nurse assured me that it was nothing to worry about though. She said everyone fluctuates that much day in and out and we just happened to have her blood drawn when it was lower. If it had been a significant drop they would be worried, but this was no big deal.

Today’s numbers:
ANC 500

Platelets 282,000

Hematocrit: 32.5

Hemoglobin: 11.3

WBC 1.3

For now, I’ll try not to be bummed that we have to be delayed a week, and enjoy that she gets a whole extra week of no chemo and no meds and she can enjoy herself 🙂



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