Interim Maintenance 2, Days 1-19

Liv got to go back to school! She was so excited for her first day back! Well….sorta 😉 She was super excited the night before when I told her she got to go to school the next day, and then she was really excited when she woke up the next morning. Once we started getting her ready for school, though, she started getting nervous and emotional and complaining that her stomach was hurting her. This is exactly what she did the last time she got to go back to school after a long break of being out of it. I could tell she was nervous to leave the comfort of home and my side, and she was nervous of what her new classmates would think. About half of her classmates are the same from her last year class, but there are about half that are new and didn’t know her or her story.

I kept reassuring her that everything was going to be great and that she would have a fun time and love it. She kept trying to get me to let her stay home but I was firm (but kind) and told her that she needed to go and that she would love it. I told her she could put her Honey in her backpack if it would make her feel better. She immediately perked up when I told her that. She packed up her Honey and got in the car. I told her I would walk her in when we got there. She nervously walked up the driveway but once we were about half way there, she started skipping for the door and never looked back 🙂 She was so happy when she came out of class that day and asks if she gets to go to school every morning when she wakes up 🙂 I am so proud of her for facing her fears. When she came out that first day I said, “Liv, did anyone ask you about your bald head?” She responded (like I was crazy), “No, Mom! They all already knew I had a bald head, remember!?”


After class we went to a fun little service project that Persnickety was doing. You could go and make headbands for cancer kids and also take one home for yourself. Liv and Street had a blast designing headbands. They were quite the creative little artists. Street was so sweet and insisted that he make one for Liv. He made her a yellow one because yellow is his favorite color 🙂



Speaking of Persnickety, we got Liv’s professional pictures from the shoot back. Beka Price Photography took the photos and they turned out great! What a special night that was for Liv and the other cute girls that were there!

A few things Liv has been up to:

Getting dressed up “fancy” with Daci and planning parties
Looking cute before school
She has had a blast going to her song and dance class each week as well 🙂
She had her first playdate since she’s been diagnosed (with someone other than her cousins)! This is her cute friend from preschool and Liv was so excited to have her over 🙂

On Day 10 Liv had clinic. It was a quick clinic. All she had to get was her Vincristine and Methotrexate. Her ANC was high enough (1800) that they were able to escalate her dose of Methotrexate this time. While we waited she had fun making “jumping spiders” at the craft table. She was really happy this time, although she still wouldn’t talk to anyone there. Grrr. Haha. I can’t remember what her counts were exactly, other than the ANC, but they were all great too 🙂

Just chillin in our room, eating a yogurt, waiting for the Dr.
Getting chemo while playing at the craft table
She wanted to throw a coin in the fountain afterward 🙂

We went and did family pictures up the canyon. My friend, Lori Cramer took them and they turned out awesome! I was skeptical that any would turn out because Stade was a crazy lunatic and Liv was crying for a lot of them. Haha. She was pretty emotional and it made me wonder if her counts were starting to drop. I can usually tell by her behavior. She gets really whiny and cries if she doesn’t get what she wants really easily.


Liv was crying in this one…darn it! 🙂
Livvi adores her big sister, Daci
Cutest twinners. This was the last pic of the night. She was so done and was breaking down. Liv refused to get close and hold Street’s hand, you can see Street forcing his into her clenched hands. Haha! Luckily we got a cute smile out of her! You would never know she was being a stinker 😉


Love, love this beautiful, spunky little fighter

This last week we have done a few fun activities. The weather has been beautiful so one day Liv chased Stade and rolled down the hill while Street had his soccer practice.


The other night we had a gender reveal party for my brother and sister in law. They are expecting a baby in April. They had a piñata and let each kid whack it until the candy came out. It was blue! The kids had a blast gathering the candy. We are excited to add another boy to our cousin bunch!


This morning Liv’s nurse came to draw labs. She is supposed to go in for chemo tomorrow but she has to have an ANC of 500 to get any Methotrexate, and if its over 750 they escalate the dose of Methotrexate from what she got last visit. I got the call this afternoon that she didn’t make counts, which I was a little surprised by. I could tell that they were dropping because she has been extra emotional and tired this week, but i didn’t expect them to be below 500. The rest of her counts look great though and she doesn’t need any transfusions.

ANC 460

Platelets 330,000

Hemoglobin 11.8

Hematocrit 33.8


So clinic got cancelled for tomorrow. What we do during this round is wait four days and then recheck counts. We will be going in for that because she has to receive her Vincristine chemo regardless of what her counts are. If they are over 500 she will also get her Methotrexate. So we have clinic on Friday 🙂 Hopefully she doesn’t have too many of these delays because I would LOVE to be done with this round before the holidays hit 🙂

Thanks for all your continued love and prayers! We are so grateful for such a strong support system!


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