Make A Wish- Liv’s Wish

We had such an incredible night at The Wishing Place. Livvi had her own special Wish Night. She got to have her grandparents there, which made it even better. When we got there, there was a big sign that said “Welcome to A Wishing Place, Livvi”. Liv just loved that there was a sign with her name on it 🙂 Once inside we met Livvi’s two wish granters and a cute girl who works at Make A Wish. One of Livvi’s wish granters is actually one of my childhood best friend’s mom! It was so nice having someone I knew there. It felt even more special.



They first gave us a tour of the building. On the main floor they have a big board with all the kids they are currently granting wishes for. They also had a scrapbook in the main hall that had pictures of previous wish kids on their wish trip. On the ceiling they had an incredible constellation of one of a kind stars. They told us that each star is unique to each child. They get to design their own, and then once the wish is complete, they get to hoist it up and it becomes part of the constellation. It was so impactful seeing all of those stars on the ceiling and knowing how much each child had gone through, and how much Make A Wish had done to try to help them feel loved and special.


After the tour, they took us upstairs to a sitting area with a really cool table in the center. We all sat around the table and Liv’s wish granters asked her lots of questions about all of her favorite things. Then they asked her if she had any idea what she would want to wish for. She immediately said, “Disney World”. I had talked with her a little bit before we went to do her wish. I told her examples of wishes that people do and when I told her some people went to Disney Land or Disney World she told me that was what she wanted to do. They like to have the kids pick three different ideas, in case one of them doesn’t work for medical reasons, but when she asked if Liv had any other ideas Liv shook her head “no” and said, “I want to go to Disney World!” Haha.


They gave Liv a little paper and we wrote her wish on it, then she rolled it up and put it inside a gold tube. Then they asked all of us to write our own wishes for Livvi down on a small piece of paper.


Liv had been given a special key a few weeks before her wish. She was able to use that key to open the Wishing Room that was in the Wishing Tower! She was so excited to put the key in and unlock the door. When the door opened the kids all gasped and oooohed and aaaahed. Hahaha. It was a circular room with a giant waterfall in the center. The lights were colored and they were in the floor and the walls. They would change colors every once in a while. When we got in the room, we all stood along the outer wall and one by one we read Liv our wishes. We were all choked up and there were a lot of tears shed. My favorite part was hearing Rick’s wish. Rick rarely cries, but he cried when he read his wish and gave her a big hug and it was so touching.



After our wishes, Liv’s wish granter told her to follow the light on the floor. A white light started blinking and went across the floor. The kids chased it until they got to a small triangle that was hanging on the wall. The bottom of the triangle had a hole cut out of it that her gold tube fit in perfectly. She put it inside the triangle and then her wish granter told her to follow the lights again. They chased them until they got to a giant triangle that was missing its point. Her wish granter told her to fit the small triangle into the top so that she could send her wish to the Wishing Wizard. She excitedly fit it into the top and then did a big exhale and lifted her arms like a butterfly. It was so cute and hilarious.



After that her wish granters gave each of my kids special presents. Liv got her Make A Wish shirt and a princess dress, Street got a superhero cape, and Daci got a Make A Wish Barbie doll. It was so sweet that everything was so personal and that they included my other kids as well. Then we signed a bunch of paper work while the kids had root beer floats 🙂 It was a fantastic night!




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