Maintenance Month 2

We left off with Liv finishing her chemo and going to the BYU game with Mac’s gift the next night. Over the next 4 days she continued her steroids. She was SO much better than she ever has been on steroids! She still got moody on day four and five, but not nearly as bad as it had been. Yay! This helped me feel like Maintenance could actually go well!

One night we had my whole family over for a party. We played games and made face masks for our black heads. Haha. It was really fun! Liv was extra tired and sad during the party so she mostly sat on my lap while the other kids played. As long as she was on my lap, she was happy though πŸ™‚


The next day was Β her last day of steroids and she was still pretty sad so I suggested we do her favorite thing….bake/cook! She wanted to make White Chicken Chili for dinner, so thats what we did! It helped her get through her sad time.img_3485


Street started a little basketball camp. Liv, Stade Β and I would go sit and watch him. Liv didn’t especially like to sit there, especially when she was still emotional from steroids, so I let her bring her iPad the next time. That seemed to help. She listened to the Moana soundtrack and sang along the whole time πŸ™‚img_3782

I talked a little bit about the sweet girl in our neighborhood that got diagnosed with ALL in November. Her family decided to hold a bone marrow drive in Liv and Harper’s honor. The local news caught wind of it and wanted to do a story on the girls. We shot for ABC 4 and KSL News and then The Daily Herald called us for a phone interview and did an awesome article. Liv was super shy and nervous to meet Harper for the first time, but they had fun playing with each other, and when we all left the room she opened up a bit more. Luckily they both had mics on so we picked up some of their cute conversations πŸ™‚


We have really been trying to cut back on TV around here. Since Liv was diagnosed I feel like they have watched a lot more, she was so tired and didn’t have much energy to do anything else. Now that she is doing better we are trying to encourage other activities. Β She and Street have really enjoyed building puzzles together πŸ™‚


It was finally time for the twins to turn FIVE! They had been asking for months when it would be their birthday πŸ™‚ We had a fun Rainbow Art Party. We tried to keep it pretty low key to avoid too many germs and too much chaos, so they invited their cousins and then I let Liv invite one friend from school and Street two friends, since we have less boy cousins πŸ™‚ They painted and made candy necklaces and played Musical Rainbows and ate lots and lots of treats πŸ™‚


Three days later it was their actual birthday. Here areΒ Liv’sΒ five year old pics:

img_8850Version 2img_8864

I was feeling extra nostalgic and went back through the years and found pics of them on each of their bdays. Love these two and I am so grateful that they have each other!


At school for their birthday their teacher spotlighted them and Liv got to be the line leader and Street got to be at the end of the line and turn of the lights πŸ™‚ They each brought treats for their friends. Street chose Valentine Candy Hearts and Liv chose sour gummy worms (her favorite candy right now).


The day of their birthday I took them in for their five year well check appointment. I was feeling a lot of emotions at that point. Last year on their birthday I took them in for their four year well check and that was when Liv had her routine finger poke come back concerning. That kick started six weeks of testing before we finally found out she had Leukemia. I was so happy when her finger poke came back normal this time!


That night the twins’ Yia Yia and Papou and Aunt and Cousin came over with dinner, cake and presents!


The Young Women in our ward hosted a cute Spa Night for Harper and Liv and their sisters. It was the CUTEST thing ever! Liv walked in really shy but within about ten mins was her normal happy, silly self. They sang Moana songs at the top of their lungs while they got their fingers and toes painted and made necklaces πŸ™‚


Liv had a playdate with her cute friend. We don’t do many playdates, mainly because for the last 9 months I was trying to keep germs away, but also because its kinda tricky with twins. If we do a playdate, we usually have to invite a friend for Street and a friend for Liv, and sometimes the combination of the four kids the same age becomes chaotic. But this particular day Street had been invited to a friends house so I told Liv she could have someone over. She was ecstatic! They played all thing girls…dance parties, dress ups and art πŸ™‚


We have gotten SO MUCH snow this month. One Saturday it was coming down hard so the kids begged me to let them go play. We got them all bundled up and they played outside for over an hour!


One day we had our cousins over. We made peanut butter cookies with the big kids while the two babies destroyed the family room πŸ™‚ Liv loves her cousin, Sage, and is very mothering to her πŸ™‚


Liv got a cute doll for her birthday and she was having fun setting up photoshoots for her. Stade came over, plopped down next to the doll, and said “CHEEEEESE”. As Liv was taking the pic he bent over and laid a big wet one on her. Haha! Notice Liv’s tongue sticking out, its ALWAYS sticking out when she is focused. Haha.


We had clinic again and this time I remembered to have them give her Zofran beforehand. She did much better while getting her Pentam and Chemo and didn’t get nauseous at all. Yay!


This pic is just because I think she’s adorable and because she loved matching her Honey for school that day. This girl LOVES kitties πŸ™‚


We took the boys to get their haircut and Liv had fun sitting on the hippo and watching πŸ™‚ I’m not going to lie, things like this still give me anxiety, knowing how many germs are probably floating around, but I try to just be as cautious as I can and enjoy life. She sanitized right after we left πŸ™‚


The next day, so two days after chemo, Liv didn’t look very good to me. It started making me nervous. Her coloring was really off. She looked yellowy pale, really sickly, like she did when she was first diagnosed. She also was complaining of her legs hurting and wanted to go to bed at 5pm. She continued to cry about her legs for two hours. We considered calling the hospital, but decided to wait until the morning to see how she was.


Her coloring looked a lot better the next day and she was happy and went to school. She did start complaining of leg pain again later in the afternoon and was really tired. I think the chemo just hit her extra hard this time.

The next day she was even happier and we were given floor seats to the BYU game. We decided to take the twins for a date. They LOVED it and felt so special to have their own date. It didn’t start until 7pm (their normal bedtime) so by half time they were pretty tired. We ended up leaving half way through the second half because Liv kept saying she wasn’t feeling well, but overall it was a really fun night with them!


Here’s a sample of Liv’s meals by the time Day 5 on steroids rolls around. Two pieces of French toast, a bowl of Strawberries, a bowl of taco soup, and a cup of milk. She still wanted more after, but I made her stop. Haha


Liv has been really into texting me lately. She has her own apple ID so she can send me messages if she’s on wifi. One day when I was grocery shopping while Rick was home I got a few texts from her and then this cute picture she drew. It made me smile πŸ™‚



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