Maintenance, Month 7

**Sorry, I’m a little behind on my blog posts because the day we got done with clinic we headed out on our 10 day trip to California. It is almost time to do the next months update. I’ll do that next week :)**

May 16th-June 13th

This month was full of fun end of the school year activities!

Street and Livvi finished up preschool and Liv had a fun playdate with her best little schoolmate, Gabrielle. They had fun doing games that they had seen on YouTubeKids. The played a princess game where each princess had a number on them and it corresponded to a paperbag that had fruit in it. They would take turns drawing numbers and putting that fruit in the blender, then they mixed it all up into a smoothie and drank it. It was pretty adorable πŸ™‚


We wake Liv up every night before we go to bed to give her her 6MP Chemo pill. She always looks so cute when we go in πŸ™‚ She is so great to sit up, swallow her pill, and fall right back asleep.IMG_1496

More Physical Therapy!


The last day of school I took the kids to the outlets to get some ice cream. They loved it πŸ™‚ And yes, those are coats they are wearing the last week of May. So dumb! Haha.IMG_1780

Liv had a big day on May 27th. She lost her second tooth and we were able to get her hair in pig tails for the first time! She was so excited πŸ™‚IMG_1881IMG_1895 (1)IMG_1905

We finished up Street and Daci’s soccer seasons. Liv was such a trooper going to all the games but told me she didn’t want to watch anymore, she wants to play! So we signed her up for next season with Street πŸ™‚IMG_2051

I had been promising the kids they could have a sleepover all in the same room when school got out. The day had finally come and they asked if they could get their room ready for it. When I came upstairs to give them a treat for their movie, I found their room like this. Apparently getting their room “ready” for a sleepover means taking out every blanket in the hall closet and spreading it all over the room. Ha!IMG_2065

The day before Memorial Day we went to go visit Grandpa John’s (Penny’s dad) grave site. It was so beautiful seeing all the flags flying.IMG_2088 (1)

On Memorial Day, Rick had a big pickle ball tournament in Brigham City and we all went up to watch. The kids had fun running races in between matches.IMG_2197

We stopped by to see Liv’s piano teacher, Miss Calli and give her an end of the year present. Liv has loved taking piano from her πŸ™‚Β IMG_2259

Liv watched Daci and her cousin Eleni do a volleyball camp, she loved running the track while the girls did their camp

IMG_2319 (1)

More physical therapy. She was excited to ride this tricycle between buildings at the hospital πŸ™‚IMG_2333

Liv spiked a random 101 degree fever one day. She had a headache and stomach pains and then the fever came on. I called Primary’s and they wanted me to come in with her. Of course, once we got there she didn’t have a fever and felt fine. Isn’t that how it always goes!? They gave her antibiotics and ran a virus panel which came back positive for adenovirus and rhinovirus (common cold viruses). We were there quite a few hours and were getting bored. We did some snapchat filters to keep us busy πŸ™‚

IMG_2356IMG_2359IMG_2400 (1)IMG_2403

We had a shower for Liv’s Aunt Brookley at our house. Daci and Liv were so excited that they got to come be with the big girls! They loved playing the games (diaper candy bar game below) and eating yummy food πŸ™‚IMG_2534IMG_2537

We had Stade’s Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party the next day. I put my girls in their Pernsickety Dresses for the party and their cousin Leni randomly showed up in the same dress! So cute!Β IMG_2880IMG_2788

The rest of that week they did a basketball camp at Papou’s school. It was actually really hard for me to watch. Her low muscle tone was very obvious and it wasΒ painful to see the difference in Livvi compared to other kids her age 😦 She tired very easily, was a lot slower and weaker and always came in last. I could see it affecting her confidence and it broke my heart. I asked her if she would rather do something else the last day of camp and she adamantly exclaimed, “NO! I want to do the camp!” I was proud of her for not giving up.


We had clinic and since it was summer (less risk of infection) and school was out, I got to bring Daci with us! Hooray! It was so nice to have someone that Liv adores there. It kept her happy the whole time and it was much less work for me. Haha. They had fun playing Headbands and Trouble and we got out of there pretty quickly!

IMG_3448IMG_3452IMG_3459IMG_3508IMG_3535 (1)IMG_3537IMG_3544

About two hours after we got home, we hopped back in the car and headed out for our Roberts Family Trip to Carlsbad, CA! We made the first leg of our trip to St. George that night. I worried Liv might be nauseous in the car because she had just gotten chemo and Pentam, but they all did great and she wasn’t sick at all!



2 thoughts on “Maintenance, Month 7

  1. Wait, you’re related to the Paras’s and Bricker’s? My mother in law is Jean Bricker’s cousin. Small world! Glad to hear you guys are doing fun things this summer. We don’t start maintenance until maybe November so we’re kinda stuck but it’s too hot anyway πŸ™‚


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