Wish Granting Party!

We were so incredibly blessed to have a giant Wish Granting Party thrown for Livvi by ZAGG and Make A Wish Utah!

I tried really hard to keep the whole thing a secret from the kids, I told them there was a big surprise happening the next day and that that was all I was going to say about it. And then a few seconds later I slipped and said the word “party”. Duh! Haha. But they didn’t know what the party was for, so that was good πŸ™‚

About an hour before we were going to leave for the party there was a knock on the door and there was Moana waiting to see Livvi! She brought Liv a special dress and told her she should wear it to the party πŸ™‚ Liv was so beyond shy with her at the door, but you could tell she was so excited! Stade on the other hand, was not shy at all. He kept yelling “HI!” at her. Haha. As soon as Moana left, Liv ran upstairs and put her new dress on. She looked beautiful πŸ™‚


IMG_0304IMG_0307 (1)

Then, another surprise! A limo showed up to take us to the big party! The kids were so excited!!


IMG_0074 (2)

When we got to ZAGG’s headquarters we were greeted by Moana and a giant Balloon arch. Moana gave Liv her very own Heart of Tafiti and led her to the elevator to take her up to her party. We all got Lei’s and then headed to the big party room.


When we got to the big room, Moana gave Livvi her very own Pua and Hey Hey! She was beyond excited about those πŸ™‚ Then ZAGG presented Liv with a beautiful flower crown!


They catered in a delicious dinner of Costa Vida (all Gluten Free, of course) and cupcakes from the Sweet Tooth Fairy! They made a big Island of Tafiti made of Gluten Free Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes πŸ™‚ Maui got to the party while we were all eating. He was so awesome! Moana and Maui sat with Livvi while she ate πŸ™‚




After dinner we had a really fun program. Moana did a beautiful Hula dance for us and then we split into groups of boys and girls. Moana taught us a Hula and the boys learned the Haka from Maui, then we danced for each other!




After our dances, Moana told us stories of Maui and Maui acted them out. The kids loved it! Then they played pass the coconut with Maui.




Moana’s cousin came to the party to do face painting. I have never seen a more incredible face painter! She was awesome! She did a sweet painting of baby Moana on Liv’s cheeks and Pua on her arm. Sage got a Maui shark head, Daci got another baby Moana one and Street got the kakamora’s (sp?). Haha.


After the fun, ZAGG presented Liv with a fun gift and then gave all of her siblings their own presents. Then they called all the cousins up and gave them fun gifts as well! Then our amazing wish granter, Karen, got up and read Liv’s wish proclamation and told Liv that her wish of Disney World had been granted! We get to go to Disney World Sept 13th-19th! After the wish granting was announced, Moana told us the ocean was calling her home and she had to leave. We all got pictures with her and Maui before they left us. They were so incredible. Moana was the sweetest and took such good care of Liv. Liv fell in love with her! At the end of the night I caught Liv running around in circles and singing to Moana. She was so happy and carefree. We are so so grateful for all those involved in making this such a special night for Livvi and our family!



Liv with her siblings and most of her cousins
Yia Yia and Papou
Liv and Grandma
Great Grandma and Grandpa
Liv with her wish granter, Karen
Street and Maui, so serious!
Love our Liv!


After the party we invited the cousins to ride home with us in the limo!

IMG_0086 (2)IMG_0093 (2)


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